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Intelligent Movable Workbench
【Product Name】Intelligent Movable Workbench
【Product details】

Dimension: L800xW800xH600 (mm)
Shcfure: 2 wheels; avallahle with different running speed
Min.taming radius: 1m
Rated load:0.5-2T
Power supply: noncontact power supply/lithium battery 24V 100AH
Speed: 3-35m/min,continuous and adjustable
Endurance: 24 hours
Guide: magnetic wide
Positioning precision: +/-5mm
Guidance precision: +/-10mm
Operation Mode: automatic/manual(remote control)
Protection: audible and visual alarm.anti-collision bumper,。obstacle detection.energency braking, anti-skidding buffer, no function take effect when charging.
Work principle: replace for traditional plat chain, roller bed,chain conveyor, applied widely in engine,gearbox and accessory assembly of auto-industry