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Embedded AGV
【Product Name】Embedded AGV
【Product details】

Dimension: Ll600 x W350 x H260(mm) (nomal type)
L1600 x W350 x H20(mm)(Ultra-thin)
Structure: 4 wheals
Min. tuming radius: 0.5m
Traction load: 0.5-3T
Power supply: high effective lithium battery 24V 80AH
speed:6-60m/min, continuous and adjustable
Endurance: 24 hours
Charging: automatically online charge
Guide: magnetic glide
Positioning precision: +/-10mm
Guidance precision: +l/-10mm
Operation Mode: automatiC/manual (wireless remote control)
Protection: audible and visual alarm, anti-Wlieion bumper, obstacle detection, emergency braking, wireless communication control to avoid encounter.
Work principle: with short body, it is possible to embed under the rack and running according to the setting route. By substituting traction trolley or manually controlled trolley, this machine saves human-cast and makes it possible to apply in parts transmission in factory.