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Many-lifting Assembly AGV
【Product Name】Many-lifting Assembly AGV
【Product details】

Type of driving:Double-vane wheel 
Structure: 6 wheels
Min. turning radius: 1.5m, traveling in circle or all direction
Rated lifting Load::1000kg
Impact resistance:2000kg
Lifting structure:Large spiral lifter(PACO)
Max. Lifting load: 1500kg
Lifting stroke:1m
Power supply:High effective lithium battery 48V 120AH or noncontact power supply, or by mixing of the two
Speed:2~30m/min, continuous adjustable
Endurance:24 hours
Type of guide :Magnetic stripe or electromagnetic
Guidance precision:±10mm
Online tracing:Photoelectric tracing, intelligent following by adjusting speed of trolleys
Operation mode: Automatic/ manual (remote control)
Protection: audible and visual alarm, anti-collision bumper, obstacle detection, emergency braking, skid resistance buffer, system locked while charging.
Application: The equipment is widely used in engine, rear axle, new energy resources battery and chassis assemble of auto industry. It replaces equipment such as RGV, flat chain conveyor. There are three ways of charging: battery only power supply, noncontact power supply, or by mixing with the two ways that mentioned. The AGV is navigated by magnetic stripe or electromagnetic. Intelligent online tracing system makes it possible to travel at the same speed with overhead conveyors. The highlight of the equipment is: when applied with noncontact charging mode, the system is clean, environmental protection and maintenance free.